Communications, Marketing and Recruitment (Proposed Directorate)

Goldsmiths has a reputation as an outstandingly successful academic institution. In an increasingly competitive environment, it is vital that Goldsmiths maintains this prestige while pursuing an ambitious communications and marketing strategy to enhance the College’s reputation, attract talented student applicants, contribute to establishing a coherent and positive College community, and help build a powerful network of influence.

This new role has been designed to bring together the Communications team at Goldsmiths with the Student Marketing and Recruitment teams to create an expanded Directorate covering all aspects of our internal and external engagement. The newly-formed Communications, Marketing and Recruitment Directorate will play a central role in telling the Goldsmiths story to our key audiences.

The proposed team covers internal communications, media relations, strategic communications, brand and design, digital (website, video and social media), marketing, business partnering, UK and International recruitment. The aim is to develop a structure which is based on a collaborative culture of working in partnership with academic departments and services to inform the world about the transformative work of Goldsmiths, in a compelling way, that encourages people join our programmes of study as well as to support our mission more broadly.

Many universities claim to be unique, but we believe that Goldsmiths’ subject mix, location, and energetic community which genuinely wants to change things for the better means that we really are. We have so much to share with the world and effective communications and recruitment is key to extending our reach even further.

Proposed structure, currently under consultation